St. Thomas Aquinas (27K GIF)
    St. Thomas Aquinas

    The Angelic Doctor

    of the Church

    ลงทะเบียนฟรี happy time เกมสล็อต

    Sydney, Australia

    The Centre for Thomistic Studies Inc. offers year-round courses on Catholic Church teachings, based on the philosophy and theology of the "Angelic Doctor," Saint Thomas Aquinas.

    CTS was founded in 1985 for the purpose of providing a sound and profound education in philosophy and kindred subjects for the people of Sydney, and Australia in general, continuing the work begun by the late Dr. A.M. Woodbury, S.M., Ph. D., S.T.D., a Marist priest and a leading Australian proponent of Thomism.



    Provisional Programme 2016

    Venue: Level 5, POLDING CENTRE
    (133 Liverpool Street Sydney 2000)
    Apologetics 5pm to 6pm V Selwyn
    Psychology 1 (Natural Philosophy) 6pm to 7pm F Cudmore
    Catechism of the Catholic Church 7pm to 8pm F Cudmore
    Mariology 5pm to 6pm D Younan
    Ethics according to St Thomas 6pm to 7pm Fr M Tellis OP
    Natural Theology 4pm to 5pm Dr D Boland
    Ontonogy 5pm to 6pm D Younan
    Defensive Metaphysics 6pm to 7pm P Kalina
    Introduction to Latin (Latin 1) 7pm to 8pm P Kalina
    Venue: John Berne Centre, Lewisham
    (1 Thomas Street, Lewisham)
    Natural Theology 6pm to 7pm Dr D Boland

    TERM DATES (Start dates are Mondays and end dates are Wednesdays)
    Courses commence week of Monday 23rd February and follow the timetable of the university academic year.   

    1st Semester: Term 1: 22 Feb - 6 April (7 wks) -- Term 2: 26 April (Tues) - 22 Jun (9 wks)
    2nd Semester: Term 3: 18 Jul - 21 Sep (10 wks) -- Term 4: 10 Oct - 23 Nov (7 wks)
    Exams 5 December - 14 December
    Note: Mon 28th March, Mon 25th April, Mon 13th June are holidays, Easter Sunday is 27th March


    Contact and Other Details


    Polding Centre is located at: Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St, Sydney

    Lewisham Venue: John Berne Centre, 1 Thomas St., Lewisham




    Standard - $260 per year per course paid in advance. (Can be paid by term @ $70 per term) There are generous concessions for multiple courses. and other concessions for students etc. (Tea or coffee and biscuits available.) Do not let your present ability to pay the full cost of courses prevent you from attending - discuss with us reduction of fees. We are a non-profit organisation and are only concerned to cover our costs.




    Should you wish to enroll, please write, call or email us and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.




    Telephone: (mob) 04 2526 3021 or write to The Secretary, Centre for Catholic Studies Inc. Mail may be addressed to CCS/CTS at Polding Centre).

    Email us at donaldboland926@gmail.com




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